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Hispanic Candidates for U.S. Congress: Election Results

November 2004

(*Incumbents; Races to Watch in italics)

Name District Party Gender Results
Randy Camacho 2 DEM M Loss
Ed Pastor* 4 DEM M Win
Raul Grijalva* 7 DEM M Win
Gabe Castillo 3 DEM M Loss
Claudia Bermudez 9 GOP M Loss
Mike Garza 12 GOP M Loss
David Hernandez 28 GOP M Loss
Victor Elizalde 30 GOP M Loss
Luis Vega 31 GOP M Loss
Xavier Becerra* 31 DEM M Win
Hilda Solis* 32 DEM F Win
Lucille Roybal-Allard* 34 DEM F Win
Grace Flores Napolitano* 38 DEM F Win
Linda Sanchez* 39 DEM F Win
Tim Escobar 39 GOP M Loss
Joe Baca* 43 DEM M Win
Loretta Sanchez* 47 DEM F Win
Alexandria Coronado 47 GOP F Loss
Ken Salazar- US Senate Candidate   DEM M Win
Roland Chicas 1 GOP M Loss
John Salazar 3 DEM M Win
Mel Martinez-US Senate Candidate   GOP M Win
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen* 18 GOP F Win
Lincoln Diaz-Balart* 21 GOP M Win
Mario Diaz-Balart* 25 GOP M Win
Luis Gutierrez* 4 DEM M Win
Tony Lopez Cisneros 4 GOP M Loss
Ruben K. Zamora 14 DEM M Loss
Maria Parra 3 DEM F Loss
Tony Salazar 7 GOP M Loss
Veronica Pedraza 14 GOP F Loss
Tracy Velasquez 1 DEM F Loss
New Jersey
Amy Vasquez 4 DEM F Loss
Sylvester Fernandez 6 GOP M Loss
Robert Menendez* 13 DEM M Win
New Mexico
Richard Romero 1 DEM M Loss
New York
Nydia M. Velasquez* 12 DEM F Win
Paul A. Rodriguez 12 GOP M Loss
Jose E. Serrano* 16 DEM M Win
John Martinez 7 DEM M Loss
Arlette Molina 9 GOP F Loss
Felix Alvarado 12 DEM M Loss
Ruben Hinojosa* 15 DEM M Win
Silvestre Reyes* 16 DEM M Win
Charles Gonzalez* 20 DEM M Win
Henry Bonilla* 23 GOP M Win
Rebecca Armendariz Klein 25 GOP F Loss
Lico Reyes 26 DEM M Loss
Solomon Ortiz* 27 DEM M Win
Henry Cuellar 28 DEM M Win


Source: The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials. Results from The Washington Post



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