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From http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2001/07/20010725-1.html

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release July 25, 2001



Cabinet Room

11:15 A.M. EDT

     THE PRESIDENT:  It's my honor to welcome to the White House members from the Senate and the House, members who are concerned about American foreign policy, to give them a briefing about my trip to Europe.

President Bush meets with

     I'm going to talk about how we agreed that we need to expand trade; how we also agreed how we need to help nations who are less fortunate than our nation.  I look forward to having a very confidential briefing about my meeting with President Putin, and the hope and promise I see for a constructive relationship.

     I also am aware that there are some foreign policy matters in the Congress.  And I urge Congress to deal fairly with Mexico and to not treat the Mexican truck industry in an unfair fashion; that I believe strongly we can have safety measures in place that will make sure our highways are safe.  But we should not single out Mexico.  Mexico is our close friend and ally and we must treat them with respect and uphold NAFTA and the spirit of NAFTA.

     I also fully understand that foreign policy is best when conducted in a bipartisan fashion and I so very much appreciate the Chairman, I spoke to the Chairman -- both Chairmen -- before my trip overseas this time and before my trip last time overseas.  And I take their advice very seriously, and counsel, very seriously.  It helps for us to continue to communicate, particularly when it comes to foreign policy.


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