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Guide to become involved in the Republican Party

See also this presentation on our party prepared by Carmen Aguiar and Ross Marzolf.

Federal Representatives

Washington State is represented at the Federal level by nine Congress members and two senators. All congress members are elected every two years on the even years and the senators are elected to 6 year terms. Senate elections will be held in 2004, 2010, ... for one senate seat currently held by Pat Murray and on 2006, 2001, ... for the other seat currently held by Maria Cantwell.

You should know the congressional district of the precinct where you are registered to vote.

State Government

Our state is divided in 49 legislative districts. Each district is represented by two state representatives and one state senator. You should know the Legislative District for your precinct.

To find out who are the three state legislators that represent you check  the Washington State Legislature web site at: http://www1.leg.wa.gov/legislature.

County Government

Each county is organized somewhat differently. Normally there is a legislative body know as the County Council and an executive branch elected by the people or by the council. Elections for county officer usually only occur on odd numbered years.


Your address determines your precinct. Each precinct is in one Congressional district and one Legislative District. Additionally you can belong to County districts, fire districts, school districts, city districts, water districts, hospital districts, etc. Basically anyone that has authority to tax you.

The precinct where you live determines where your voting place is. In urban areas it is common to have several precincts voting in the same location.

The only web site that I have found that can search from your address the precinct where you live, as well as all the legislative and congressional districts is at the Census Bureau web-site listed as your "Voting District".


The most important way in which you become involved in the party is to be elected as Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) for your precinct.

The two major parties, Republican and Democrat, are eligible to have a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) elected into office in the General Election on even numbered years. PCO's then get to elect the leadership of the party. More specifically.

A Republican PCO’s duties are to:

Host and conduct the precinct caucus every even numbered year. (PCOs are automatic delegates to the District Caucus and County Convention.)
Every two year PCOs attend the County Reorganization meeting and elect the leadership of the Republican Party in their County
PCO ratify the appointment of their Legislative District Chair
Distribute campaign material to all voters in their precinct each election.
Attend District meetings to keep up with local political issues.
Do all you can to help your candidates win elections

You can learn more about our party and what a PCO can do be reading the WSRP PCO Manual.

To be elected PCO you need file with your county elections department around July to be in the ballot in the Primary Election.

If there is currently no PCO for your precinct you can be appointed to this position by your Legislative or County Chair. Look, for example a the  King County PCO appointment form.

Whether or not you are a PCO you are always welcome to attend the Central Committee meetings for your county or the Legislative District meeting in those counties that have multiple legislative districts.



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