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Hispanics are the largest minority in our nation and in Washington State. During the decade of the 90's Washington State population was one of the fastest growing in the country due to the fact that the Hispanic population in our state grew by 105%.



Washington States population grew by 21% during that decade and Hispanics represented 22% of the growth in the state. Hispanics now represent close to 8% of our state population.



Washington State is considered a new Hispanic state since in the 20 years between 1980-2000 the Hispanic population grew by more than 200% and more than 200,000 people.




Within our state King County is the County with the largest Hispanic population with over 95 thousand. Yakima County has the second largest Hispanic population with nearly 80 thousand. Hispanics represent over 30% of the total population in Adams, Franklin, Grant and Yakima counties.

 The percentage growth of the Hispanic population was most prominent on the western side of the state and in Chelan county.



Hispanics in our state are younger than the population as whole. Of the under 18 population nearly 12% are of Hispanic origin. That is one of the reasons why education is such an important issues to Hispanics.

According to the 2000 census, about 40% of the Hispanic population in the state was under 18. That, coupled with lack of citizenship meant that less than 40% of Hispanics in the state were eligible to vote. For the November 2000 elections, 65% of voting-eligible Hispanics in Washington were registered to vote (compared to 57% nationwide).





The Pew Hispanic Center publication "Hispanics: A People in Motion" published on January 2005 is a fairly comprehensive compendium of information. Additional in-depth reports can be found at http://pewhispanic.org/reports/archive/.


The Census Bureau issue in June 2003 a report called "The Hispanic Population in The United States 2002". A list of reports tables and charts by the Census Bureau on the Latino population can be found at http://www.census.gov/pubinfo/www/NEWhispML1.html.


Follow this link for a detailed list of Population by Race and Hispanic Origin in each Washington County and City as on the Census 2000. New projections are expected soon from the census bureau. You can find more information at www.census.gov.


An analysis from the Washington State Commission of Hispanic affairs, on the February 2002 Census Bureau report “Voting and Registration in the Election of November 2000” can be found here.


After each decennial Census the state legislature approves a new redistricting plan for each of the 49 legislative district in the state and the 9 congressional districts. In January 2002 the new plan was approve.


Follow these links for details of population by Race and Hispanic origin for each Legislative Districts and for each Congressional Districts. (Links require Acrobat Reader). More information about redistricting including maps can be found at www.redistricting.wa.gov.


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